I’m a Copenhagen-based freelance sound designer/sound editor and recordist working mainly in film, television and commercials. I love recording, shaping, layering and manipulating sounds to be perceived in a certain way to enhance the fictional reality and emotion of a story.

My passion is collaborating with you and helping you explore how sound can bring your story to life. Whether it be subtle, textured and realistic or stylized and otherworldly.

Sound is usually perceived subconsciously and has the ability to be charged with emotional or metaphorical meaning which can be effectively utilized and targeted to accentuate or contradict existing meanings and add to the emotional experience. 

I wrote my Bachelor thesis at Sonic College on how diegetic sound can be used to reflect and accentuate a character’s emotional state in films, and this has provided a useful insight into the relationship between sound, emotions and story. After working freelance for a few years, I went to the National Film School of Denmark where I’ve further honed my skills and explored the film media. 

Though my main focus is audio post-production for film and other audiovisual contexts, I’ve also been composing, recording and producing music for the past 17 years and experimenting with sounds since my early teens. 

Whatever your needs, I’m excited to hear about your project!